Welcome to a world of romance, fantasy and the unexpected. Where nothing is ever quite what it seems…


Erador is a kingdom at war.  In the battle for victory, the might of armies rages against potent magic as sorcery infiltrates the realm.  

Hope McKenzie is born with a gift, but her talent lies dormant waiting for the right moment to ascend.  Imprisoned by her enemy, with no way to escape, her power rises as she is forced to cast a curse that banishes them both to an uncertain future

Sent on a quest through time, bound by the power of the prism, only Hope has the ability to undo the spell and bring peace to Erador.  But does she have the  courage to embrace her gift and fix the damage she has done.


Something is rotten at the heart of Erador as the curse of the prism gathers momentum.

In the second book of the Prism Series Joy McKenzie is fighting for survival in a world that never really wanted her there. Desperate for answers to the questions that have haunted her whole life, Joy is drawn into a web of lies by powers beyond her ken.

As she fights to survive, the world around her is slowly dying and Joy’s only thought is to escape. But Erador holds too many secrets to let her go so easily.

And how do you escape a world that was never meant to exist?

An excellent, enchanting read.  I thought it was fabulous and I loved every moment.  The Author lent an extraordinary voice to some unique moments in time

 – Shelley

“I loved this story. Isla’s descriptive writing threw me into another world that was addictive and captivating.”

– Tracey


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